Social Savvy |Flat lay photography for social

Continuing this series, I want to share with you my take on social, on how you can build your own brand, what new developments/tools are out there which can help you and your blog. And what we can learn from other digital/social companies. Today I want to talk about design and how this can influence your

Social Savvy

So I rarely ever talk about what I do for a living on the blog. I’ve been thinking about why it is that I don’t do that often and I guess it is because I did not really know how to make it relevant for you guys. My job is being a Content & Community

3 things you can do right now to develop yourself

A new year results in a lot of new goals for most people. But instead of working on a long term goal, why not find ways to develop yourself that help you in the moment? Today I share some of my tips that help you improve yourself!  

5 tips to make your (work)day awesome!

  Back from holiday? Or working towards one? Make your day just a little brighter with these tips!  

Tips to unwind after a long day

The inspiration for this post came naturally. Let me tell you: it is one of those weeks where things are so hectic, that I’m glad I still remember my own name. After long days at work, I’m always very happy to unwind. How I find my sanctuary? I’ll tell ya!