4 reasons why Ivanka Trump is a girlboss

As the campaign elections are in full swing, the Trump family is definitely the talk of the town. Now I’m not particurlary occupy myself with the politics but more interested by women who empower. The more I get to know Ivanka Trump, the more I am inspired. For every entrepreneur or girlboss in the making,

My current favorite instagram accounts

I don’t know about you, but I can spent hours and hours on Instagram. I have a not so secret obsession for looking at cat pictures, finding pics of the perfect shoes or discovering a new recipe. There is something new to look for everyday and I love that. Ofcourse I could tell you all

On Instagram lately

These weeks are crazy. Work is super busy and the weather was extremely hot past week in Amsterdam. But I managed to enjoy my quality time quite well. Having lunch with my friend at Herengracht and visiting family (and having yet another great home made dinner made by my Dad). I received cake from a client who has