7 free fabulous wallpaper to brighten up your screen

I recently discovered something about myself. I like to personalise my things. And I also want to bring a little something of me to the place I spend the most. No, not my bed, I’d say that’s second place. But my work, and to be more specific my laptop. And I’m not kidding you, no

Daily Delight #1

Time for a new blog series: daily delight! I will share daily a quick tip, favorite product, hotspot or anything else. The inspiration for this series came when I thought about the holidays and my youth. When I was little, my mom used to get me an Advent Calender filled with little chocolates. Underneath the

Good reads #1

First (work) week of January is down and I’m excited for a new year. Although I’m facing some family issues at the moment, I’m determined to make it a good year.  The weather here completely sucks. It’s cold and  very windy (almost like a storm) so I am hoping for better weather to come. So

3 store openings you don’t want to miss! | Amsterdam

Als er één ding is waar wij vrouwen van houden, dan is het winkelen. It just never gets old. Maar soms is het wel jammer dat je alleen maar de keuze lijkt te hebben uit dezelfde ketens die in vrijwel iedere stad, in iedere grote winkelstraat aanwezig zijn. Gelukkig komt Amsterdam nu met drie pareltjes