My summer plans

Today wasn’t the best day. These things happen. My bike (yes, I live in Amsterdam aka bike city) broke down halfway on my way home. And today – of all days – I forgot my wallet, so I could not take the tram back home. So there was one option left; walking home (in high

Packing like a pro!

For those of you who are going on holiday soon, this blog post is for you guys. The inspiration for this post came up through my roommate. She was leaving for vacation and could not fit anything in her suitcase. When I took a look, I found out she literately stacked everything on top of

We’ll always have Paris

I found myself┬áreminiscing lately about my trip to Paris in May. While doing that, I realised I haven’t uploaded the photos I took while being there. I am currently feeling under the weather, so just to make me feel better (and to hopefully inspire you!) I’d thought I’d share my photos and tell you more

On my mind: vakantie

Dit jaar is het zover, dat ik er eindelijk weer aan kan denken. Vakantie. Klinkt een beetje tragisch, maar helaas zat het er de afgelopen anderhalf jaar niet in. Gelukkig heb ik me in de tussentijd goed vermaakt met kleine (dag)tripjes, maar echt op vakantie gaan, dat was nog even een luxe. Maar nu ben