Snacking through life: my favourite healthy snacks

If you know me well, you know I love food. I am the kind of person that can think or talk about food, even during a meal. I know. It’s crazy. Yet I do have to restrain myself from eating everything that passes, or else I’m going to be the size of an elephant soon. Finding snacks that I actually like (I’m kind of picky) and are healthy was quite a challenge. But my dear friends, I have found a few healthy snacks I adore!

Nakd Cacao Delight

I recently discovered this brand. I was looking for a fast way to have a snack for breakfast. I’m not a very good breakfast eater. In fact I’m known to skip it. This is not a good example I want to set here, and for the record: I do not recommend to don’t eat breakfast. As for me, during the weekdays when I work, I have a hard time eating a lot so early in the morning. So in order to eat something (cause that is always better than nothing!) I found these bars by a brand called Nakd. After I tried them I noticed they are Vegan, so that is a plus for anyone who is vegan and really wants a snack. I just choose them cause they looked good and I know there are no artificial additives or sugars in it. Nakd has a lot of different flavours bars, my favourite kind is Nakd Cacao Delight. It actually tastes a bit like chocolate! It’s got lots of flavour and sweetness, without the crazy sugar rush. It’s made out of dates, cashewn, raisins and cacao. The bars really work for me. Not just for the mornings, but I find it also a great snack for during the day.


Vanilla yoghurt with pomegranate seeds

This is so easy yet so delicious! I love this type of snack. But I have to admit, it’s easier to make in the Summer, when the pomegranate seeds are more available. I like Vanilla yoghurt or Coconut yoghurt as a base, but you can use whatever type of yoghurt you like. The pomegranate seeds give great texture and flavour to this snack. It has a bit of a sour taste, but I personally really like it.




Avocado Tomato Toast 

I love avocado! It’s full of good fats and helps you feel stuffed quite quickly. If toast is a little heavy, you can also go for rice cakes instead. Tomato is a great spread and goes very well with the avocado. If you want to cheat just a little you can add some whiskey sauce on top. But using herbs and condiments, like pepper, olive oil and a bit of chilli pepper is just as tasty I can guarantee you!



What are your favourite snacks?