Event: visit the launch of Beauty Kitchen

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Beauty Kitchen. A new, natural brand that distributes 100% effective, everyday luxury beauty products with a sprinkling of fun. I’m always eager when it comes to exploring new beauty products, I had a great time and I’d love to tell you more about the brand!


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The event took place at a restaurant called Meneer Nieges, which quickly became one of Amsterdam’s hotspots. If you haven’t been there go check it out, it’s great for drinks after work or an intimate dinner with friends.

Beauty Kitchen is new in Holland, but it’s been around for a while. Their first store opened back in 2010 in Glasgow by flounder (yes, flounder) Jo-Anne Childley. She had the vision of creating beauty products that were actually effective by using the best natural ingredients. Jo-Anne studies Chemistry and is a Herbal Botanist, so she knows her way when it comes to natural ingredients.

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I immediately fell in love with the packaging. Natural beauty products sometimes come across as boring or as if brands take themselves way too seriously. I love the fun and the expressive colours colours on the packaging. It kind of reminds me of a mix between Lush and Benefit Cosmetics. But just natural beauty products is maybe too simply put: Beauty Kitchen wants to make a difference, they want to make products that take care of us as well as the planet. Only when an ingredient is not produced in a synthetic and chemical way it’s good enough to appear in the products. I love the phrase Jo-Anne came up with: ‘I may not be perfect, but at least I am not fake’. Says it all I think.

Beauty Kitchen has 3 body product lines with the cutest names: Chill me, Love me and Inspire me. They also launched Create your Own which is a display in the stores where you can create your own scrub. Beauty Kitchen also has a line of skincare, Abyssinian Oil. This oil was new to me, but I found out that it’s very beneficial for your skin and your hair. It’s very moisturizing but not greasy.

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I chose the jar Wild-crafted Rose Petals, and next up I chose a mild exfoliator followed by the Love Me, Caring & Agedefying Oil. In the video below you can watch how it’s done:

beauty kitchen body polish

The first display in the Netherlands is at the Holland and Barrett in Rotterdam, where you can create your own.
Beauty Kitchen has pre-made beauty products but also sells a lot of ingredients to DIY. These DIY kits will be available in The Netherlands in December. You can create your own lipbalm or bath bomb. Great idea for a nice gift!

Finally, Beauty Kitchen is opening stores in The Netherlands and Belgium (yay)! Their products are exclusively sold at Holland & Barrett (which was formerly known as de Tuinen in NL). The first store opened in Rotterdam and in Brussels.

Word is that Amsterdam is following soon 😉 Soon I will tell you more elaborately about the many products of Beauty Kitchen. They gifted us some great products to try and test, so I’ll report back on it. After talking to Jo-Anne and her family I really got enthusiastic about her vision and her mission to create beauty products that actually do something.

Did you know Beauty Kitchen and what do you think about it?



  • Was een erg leuk event en gebruik de producten al met plezier! Leuk je gesproken te hebben! xo