Out of Office: why taking time off is viable

Need a vacation? We’ve all been there. While working on being the ultimate girlboss an chasing your goals each day, from time to time you need your rest. Not just during Summer holiday, but actually more frequently. Taking time off is secretly more productive then you might think. Here’s why!

Make time to recharge yourself

What truly makes you relaxed and gives you great energy? Is it meeting a friend? Is it reading a great new book? Is it your latte in the morning at the coffee corner? Whatever it is, you can help yourself to create little moments during the week to recharge yourself. Pick whatever gives you satisfaction and most of all personal meaning. Don’t waste your precious spare time on activities that give you too much stimulation resulting in exhaustion or feeling like you don’t feel rested.

Find the right balance between planning and spontaneity

One of the things I did differently this year is instead of waiting to plan vacations, is to take time off more frequently. As of April, I almost manage to take time off each month. These resting periods not only gave me energy it also gave me something to look forward to. When you take a couple of days or weeks time off it’s best to find the right balance between planning and being spontaneous. For example, if you have 2 weeks off it’s great to have fun activities planned with friends and family but also have enough days that are totally blank. This way there is still room to go out and do whatever you feel like that day. It gives you a sense of freedom, instead of being a slave towards your schedule. On the other hand, having stuff planned in advance gives you the sense of doing the things you like and knowing that you spent your free time wisely. Now tell me, doesn’t that feel good?

out of office

Running out of juice

Taking time off is also viable for your mind as well. You get more done and quicker when you step back and recharge your brain and body. Interesting fact: studies shown that performance increases when people take breaks, even when it varies in duration. Time away from your routine and normal life can give you more energy and new perspective. It stops you from running out of energy and doing things automatically.

Taking a moment to reflect

Often we forget to stand still for a moment and reflect on where we are, what we’re doing and where we are going. Now this doesn’t have to be very therapeutic but it sure can be helpful to take this time to reflect. Part of being happy and satisfied is to ‘check-in’ with yourself every now and then. Am I happy? What do I need to stay that way or to become happy? What do I want for myself? What did I learn these past months that really helped me? For me, I made some┬áchanges in my lifestyle that really made a difference. Like I said before I found an opportunity to take more free time frequently, I hung out more with friends and I started reading more to educate myself and be inspired. These little things really made an impact on how I feel. Take this moment of free time to reflect and find ways to move forward. It’s truly an investment in yourself.

What do you do when it comes to free time/time off?