4 reasons why Ivanka Trump is a girlboss

As the campaign elections are in full swing, the Trump family is definitely the talk of the town. Now I’m not particurlary occupy myself with the politics but more interested by women who empower. The more I get to know Ivanka Trump, the more I am inspired. For every entrepreneur or girlboss in the making, pay attention, Ivanka gives us hands on tips to flourish in business. In style ofcourse.

Who doesn’t love a woman who kicks butt in her field? After being truly inspired (and still am) by Sophia Amoruso (CEO of Nasty Gal) I discovered a woman who also inspired me in my professional capacity: Ivanka Trump. Why she is one to watch? I’ll break it down for you.

She knows how to be personal

What I really love about Ivanka is that she really understands the importance of branding and authenticity. Even though she works with a team, she manages to let her personality shine through in both her blog as well as her social channels. Some celebrities or people in the public eye tend to let their channels be managed, in this case Ivanka is the one managing. Both business woman and mother, she shares with us cute pictures of her children as well as her office environment. Conclusion: she leaves a personal teach. We like!

Summer break = more picnic lunches in #CentralPark!

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She pays attention to detail

One thing that Ivanka repeats numerous in interviews is how she feels a succesful entrepreneur has attention for detail. The Trump family is known for it’s expertise in real estate, so when Ivanka started her jewellery brand, it’s an entirely different industry. Starting a new business in another area/industry can be quite challenging and it’s quite important to get things right.
Ivanka managed to launch of a succesful jewellery brand, thanks to her commitment and eye for detail. According to the interviews she says having passion – and we mean réal passion – and attention for details is key. We’d take her word for it. After launching jewellery, she expended her brand launching footwear, outerwear, eyewear, kids shoes and handbags.
Conclusion: pay attention to detail, be passionate and own it.


Fall prints have arrived! #WearItToWork

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She knows how to sell her brand with a different approach

Watching her giving a lot of interviews, I noticed that she knew a way to market her brand Ivanka Trump in a very smart way.
Every public event or opportunity to be a public speaker, she’d mentioned her website – ivankatrump.com – once or twice in the interview. Now – due to her father’s political career – she is more in the public eye than ever. Cleverly she is always wearing her own brand. Instead of saying: go to my website to buy, she is mentioning her website in a different way. She communicates that her website is a content based website, that is linked to a hashtag #WomenWhoWork. She came up with a way to create a narrative around her brand. Creating a storytelling concept of where she shares lifehacks, business tips and ofcourse her fashion, Ivanka cleverly found a platform to bring it al together. Smart.
Conclusion: there a more ways to market your brand or product that exceeds the idea of in your face marketing.

She gives hands on business advice

Not many people these days can put their money where their mouth is. Creative minds are great but sometimes you also need a business perspective. Especially if you ever have the ambition to become a manager, Ivanka has some great tips in store. Ever wondered what goes on the head of a manager that is hiring you? Many articles are focused on what you should do or ask, but Ivanka also shares her point of view. What does she look for in candidates, what kind of questions does she ask and where does she pay attention to? Interviews are nerve-wracking, we’ve all been there. Ivanka says she tackles a nervous situation by preparing the best that is possible in advance. When she feels most confident? According to her is when she says she comes prepared.
Conclusion: do your homework and look at a situation from a different perspective or angle.

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Who inspires you?