My top beauty products that are worth it

Being a beauty lover as I am, I go through a lot of beauty products. Some beauty products are very hyped (like Urban Decay’s Naked Palette etc.) but having it being hyped doesn’t mean it’s right for you. I invested in 3 beauty products that I found out are really worth the splurge and I’ll tell you why!

Too Faced  Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer

I bought this product for the first time 3 years ago. Back then it was hyped as one of the best eyeshadow primers around. Who else knows the problem of applying carefully your eye-make up, only having it run out on the end of the day, risking looking like a panda? I’ve been there. A regular primer didn’t do the job. Trying the Too Faced Primer changed the game for me. My eyeshadow goes on so much better (the colors look more vibrant) and it just sticks. Doesn’t matter if it rains, it stays. Unfortunately it is not being sold anymore in the Netherlands. So whenever I go on vacation, I stock up at Sephora’s. It’s not cheap but it’s proven for me, time and time again that it works. It doesn’t let me down. Lucky for me, it’s very frugal. A little literally goes a long way. This product is now my go to product everyday and will be one of my classics.

The Beauty Blender

I resisted this product actually for a long time. A beauty sponge is a product that so many brands carry in their collection. What could possibly be so different about this one? Besides 21 euro for a beauty sponge is quite expensive. But so many beauty bloggers and lovers kept raving about the Beauty Blender that I just had to find out for myself. And yes, it is great. Because you have to make the sponge wet it swells up and gives you good coverage. I love the way it blends so well in my skin, making it way more seamless than the way I tried before. And I somehow have the feeling it saves me time in the morning 🙂

Real Techniques 

I use a lot of different brushes, ranging from cheap to more expensive. But the fact that the Real Techniques are made by beauty professionals really makes a difference. The brushes pick up so many product and are soft and gentle to use. It’s a game changer and I look so much more put together and polished.

What products changed up your beauty routine and would you invest in again?