The prettiest jewelry I own

So the first pieces of jewelry I ever bought weren’t the most glamorous. For some reason my younger self thought that more is always more, and so I ended up buying quite a lot of cheap rings that made my fingers green. Or buying earrings which I then later on lost. Now I know better!

I always loved jewelry, ever since I was a little girl. I remember when I was growing up my aunt once gave me this cute pair of silver and red lady bugs earrings. I fell in love instantly. And who remembers those ‘earring stickers’ shaped in a little heart or star to make it look like you wore real earrings? I have always loved jewelry and could not get enough of it. The only pieces I rarely wore (and still don’t) are bracelets. My wrists are still to small and everything is usually too big.

Over the years my style has changed and so has my tastes. I made smarter choices and learned that investing in jewelry is really worth it? Why? Well, firstly, no more green fingers. Investing in real silver or gold means the value and duration of your jewelry is preserved so much better. Secondly it lasts longer. Not only for you to enjoy, but who knows maybe as an inheritance someday. I still sometimes spent less money on an item, but overall I learned that investing in pieces makes for the best collection for a lifetime.

jewelry influenced by style

I have selected some items that have special meaning to me.

The blue stone necklace and the rosé golden earrings are very special to me. They were both gifted to me by my very dear friend who moved to America two years ago. We studied together and became close friends. Needless to say I really miss her, now that she moved away. These pieces remind me of her. I remember when she gave them to me as a gift for my birthdays. I remember I got sentimental. Jewelry is so personal, you have to know a person so well to know their taste. I was touched that she knew exactly what I love: minimalistic pieces, that are still elegant and feminine at the same time. She knew. I wear these pieces almost every week and everytime I wear them it makes me smile.

The rings on the marble platter are both from Ti Sento. I bought them a few years ago and I remember it was the first time I really splurged on rings. I often get comments and compliments about the rings when I were them. People often look at your hands and these rings are not hard to miss. Even though I have them for a few years now they still look very nice. The quality is still there and so they were worth every penny I spent on them. A year ago I bought also the ring you see below, from Pandora. I switch between the three rings in my collection. Throughout the day I caught myself on looking down at my hands, smiling. It makes me happy to wear them. I made a new tradition: when I accomplish something really big or hit a milestone I can reward myself with a new piece of jewelry.

On my finger ♡☆ #jewellery

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The big necklace with the white flowers is a real statement piece, yet very sophisticated. I remember seeing this in the store and it was love at first sight. Because it is a little heavy I do not wear it every day, but I do wear it often. Especially when your outfit is a little basic, this necklace can glam it up. The flowers reminded me of Chanel and the white preppy look and feel are very pretty. Also handy: because of it’s colour it is pretty easy to combine with different types of clothing. When I wear it, I sometimes feel like I can channel my fave style icon Olivia Palermo for a second 😉

The gun necklace and the butterfly necklace are quite new but I wear them almost every day. I wanted to own pieces from Lott. Gioielli for a long time, but they are a bit pricey. When I found out there was a sample sale, I just had to go. The brand makes exactly the minimalistic yet chic pieces I love. It’s funny: a lot of people ask me why I am wearing a gun necklace. Apparently it is a real conversation starter. I always have to laugh a little, cause for me it just stands for a bit of and edgy sight, not to be confused with being violent or whatever. The butterfly necklace is cute and rosé golden which combines perfectly with the rosé golden earrings and the Ti Sento ring. I often wear them as a trio.

So, what is your jewelry story? Do you own pieces that have special meaning to you?