Stay fresh with Moschino Fresh Couture Perfume

Is it Glassex? Is it meant for cleaning? The bottle of Moschino’s new perfume will definitely spark a conversation. This fragrance really caught my eye and I had to look twice before realising it was a perfume. This unique fragrance is meant to surprise yet still smells very feminine. 

moschino fresh influenced by style

The campaign images featuring topmodel Linda Evangelista looks like a fun twist on the cleaning product Glassex. Moschino likes to surprise and play around, their collections are always fun and the talk of the town. Who remembers their McDonald collection for instance?

Notes of the perfume

  • mandarin orange & bergamot
  • ylang-lang
  • peony
  • raspberry
  • osthamus (sweet & fruity flower)
  • patchouli
  • cedarwood
  • ambroxan (which smells like amber)

My view

Normally I tend to pick out more light fragrances, this perfume is unique and smells a bit woody. I do like this, it gives a very unisex feel. I love that it’s still has that fragrance of flowers which gives it that fresh smell. So it gives the name credit. I fin myself reaching for myself every morning now. It makes me feel confident and gives me power. The cedarwood is extant which I personally really like.


moschino fresh eau


Moschino Fresh Couture 30 ml €39,95
Moschino Fresh Couture 50 ml €59,95
Moschino Fresh Couture 100 ml €79,95

Available at perfume stores and beauty department stores.


What do you guys on the packaging and does the fragrance seem appealing to you?



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