The Body Shop British Rose Collection

There is nothing that you can make me more happy with than the smell of roses. For me they are my favorite flowers and they are special to me, because I was named after them. So when The Body Shop announced their new British Rose Collection I was thrilled and really wanted to try it out! Is it sweet and scented? Is it soft with the first touch? How does it feel on the skin? Let me tell you all about this collection.

Bloomin’ Marvellous


The British Rose Collection contains 7 body products and also they brought a British Rose make-up collection on the market. Personally I live that they choose to extend this collection. Although the whole range is exciting, the products you that are most eye catching (in my opinion) is the Exfoliating Gel Scrub (which actually contains real pieces of rose petals!), the Petal Soft Bath Foam (for if you want to feel like a million dollar girl), the Eau The Toilette, the Instant Glow Body Essence and the Lip & Cheek Stains. I’m not gonna lie, I’m dreaming of all of them, but the ones I just highlighted are my favorites for sure.

Shower gel €12 (60 ml)

Petal-Soft Bath Foam €7 (250 ml)

Petal-Soft Hand Cream €11 (100 ml) and €5,50 (30 ml)

Eau de Toilette €19 (100 ml)

British Rose Exfoliating Soap €3,50 (100g)

Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub €18 (250 ml)

Instant Glow Body Essence €17 (250 ml)

Instant Glow Body Butter €16 (200 ml)

As for the make-up, for me personally, the Lip & Cheek Stains (so handy & compact) and the nailpolish are the most exciting.
The pallette is gorgeous but the cool toned colours don’t suit my skintone very well. If you have a pale skintone, this could be your match.


Eye & Cheek Palette €30
Lip & Cheek Stains €16
Nailpolish €6 (6.8ml)

Did you know..?

  • The Body Shop grows over 12 native species of old English roses in the west of England to help create the British Rose range?
  • The petals are handpicked, airdryed and infused with fresh mountain water?
  • The roses are 100% organically grown?
  • The collection is in stores March 8th?

Influenced By Style - TBS British Rose Collection


Influenced By Style - British Rose

Influenced By Style - British Rose Lip Stain

Influenced By Style - British Rose

Influenced By Style - Body Essence TBS British Rose


The Body Shop - British Rose - Influenced By Style

The scent of this collection is so fragrant and powdery soft like real petals. The Instant Glow Body Essence has a beautiful glow thanks to the little shimmers in the formula. I like that it’s absorbed by my skin pretty fast and it doesn’t feel sticky. The Lip & Cheek Stain looks very pigmented, I was afraid that once I’d put it on I’d look like a clown. But it is actually pretty sheer and nicely buildable. I love liquid blushers for Spring and Summer when the sun comes out and you’re craving for a light product on your skin. It lasts also quite long, I barely had to touch it up. Overall the products I tested and tried out so far I really like! Personally I think this is one very special collection and one of my TBS favourites, but that’s also because personally I like roses so much and I feel it’s my signature scent. Also I think it is perfect for Spring. If you’re just like into florals as I am this collection will really speak to you.

Enrich not Exploit

On another note; I love beauty products, but I don’t necessarily like all brands. What I like about The Body Shop is their philosophy and mission. This year the Body Shop is celebrating their 40th anniversary. The Body Shop’s new Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment is dedicated to enriching our people and products as well as the planet, working fairly with farmers and suppliers and helping communities thrive through their Community Trade programme. Their aim is to be the world’s most ethical and truly sustainable global business, and their Commitment is the first step on our journey to achieving that aim.

A beautiful objective, and I have to admit: doesn’t it feel so satisfying to know you contribute to a better cause by purchasing something you like? I think so.

What do you think of the British Rose Collection? Do you have favorite products? 

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