Social Savvy

So I rarely ever talk about what I do for a living on the blog. I’ve been thinking about why it is that I don’t do that often and I guess it is because I did not really know how to make it relevant for you guys. My job is being a Content & Community Manager for social media, and working with so many clients and people who are interested in digital & social media I feel like there is so much to talk about. 

Obviously this is not something that is revolutionary new, but like I said I think I have a way of making social relevant for bloggers or anyone who is interested in social. So for my job I mainly develop social campaigns for Fast Moving Consumer Brands with the team and staying in touch with fans/consumers of the brands on a daily basis. I learn so much and I’d love to share my take on social and how we as bloggers can learn from this. Here’s to being social savvy!

So, introducing this series, I want to share with you my take on social, on how you can build your own brand, what new developments/tools are out there which can help you and your blog. And what we can learn from other digital/social companies.

Today I’d like to talk about British Vogue and how they use their social media to create content. As many of you know, since the rise and rise of blogs and online magazines, the magazine industry is having a hard time. People – including myself – don’t often buy that many magazines anymore. Why would you, when the internet is full of great entertaining content, just a click away?

For magazines this digital era is a defining era. With new social channels like Snapchat and Periscope that are all about realtime and now, how are they going to keep up?

Model/designer/entrepreneur Alexa Chung made an entertaining video where she researches the way of work at British Vogue. In this video she reveals the secret of the British Vogue’s digital department and how they use social and make it work for them:

What really got my attention is how British Vogue uses her digital intelligence to see what people are talking about and how they can translate this to social. They use a way of social listening, something I also apply in my job working for consumer brands. This way British Vogue uses social to:

  • Discover what people are talking about (and using those insights to create agile content)
  • Discover what people say about them (reputation management)
  • Discover what people say to them (conversation management)
  • Discover what content is getting the most traffic (measuring Click Through Ratio)

If your smart, your blog is connected with Google Analytics, which gives you some insight on how your blog is performing. If your goal is to get more visitors (traffic) and being relevant (content that scores with your readers) studying real time GA is your friend and can help you great a savy social strategy.

I’m curious to know: what do you use your social media accounts for? Do you want to inspire people or are you focused on getting more traffic?



  • Janna

    Fijn artikel en leuke nieuwe serie. Ben erg benieuwd naar je volgende artikelen!

    • Dankjewel voor het complimentje Janna! Maakt me nog gemotiveerde om nog meer van dit soort artikelen te maken.