Social Savvy |Flat lay photography for social

Continuing this series, I want to share with you my take on social, on how you can build your own brand, what new developments/tools are out there which can help you and your blog. And what we can learn from other digital/social companies.

Today I want to talk about design and how this can influence your social media channels in a major way. Lately I have been hungry for learning to beautify the presence of my blog and social media. I’ve always been very interested in photography and design, but although I am not an expert in this area, I did pick up some tips and tricks from the designers and producers.

In my work as a Content & Community manager were are almost trained to create great content that is not only executed well but has a design that visualizes the initial idea of a campaign. In other words: an image says more than a 1000 words, so it needs to be strong and independent. Working in social media we see that copy goes hand in hand with the visual design. Yet I learned that when it comes to elevated content, your visual has to be powerful enough to be independent. So even if you would not have a copy or an written text along with it, it should stand out and speak for itself. If you are able to do that, you know you are doing something really good here.

As a blogger photos are a very important part of your blog. Most of us put a lot of effort in shooting pictures or finding images that suit the look and feel of the blog. Flat lay photography is a very big hit on blogs as well as Instagram. I started using and shooting it myself, and playing around with it.

How can you make flat lay photography work for you and for your brand?

Flat lay photography gives you the ability to:

  • Crop images for Instagram
  • Make pin-worthy content
  • Display your products (great idea for e-commerce and retailer brands)
  • Turn your images into banners for Facebook

Here are the flat lay pictures I took that soon will be displayed on the blog:


So here is a behind the scenes peek on how I shot this:



Some tips & tricks I learned that help you create the best flat lay results:

  • Use different textures. I use a white canvas but also so I like to play around and put a scarf (soft texture) or wood into the mix.
  • Use a steady background. I bought a canvas (70 x 90 cm) to have a good white base.
  • You can never have to many props. Ok, I’ll be honest, you can overdo it, but overall props are your friend when it comes to creating interesting pics like these.
  • Preferably use daylight. Do not use your normal lights, switch them off. That yellow toned light ruins your image and is harder to restore in Photoshop.
  • Speaking of, you can edit your images afterwards in Photoshop or PicMonkey.
  • Do you have the perfect picture but you want to play around with frames and fonts? Use Canva. This site is amazing for finding new frames and inspiration.
  • And most importantly what I should have done better: prepare en shop props if necessary! I just worked with what I got but next time that will be the first thing to change!

I hope these outlines have given you some inspiration and motivation to try this also for your blog or social channels.

If you also like or use flat lay photography, what is it that you like displayed and what are you paying attention to?


PS: All photography is made by me and is forbidden to use without credits or without my permission. Please respect the creativity and the effort. Thanks!