My skincare routine

I have quite problematic skin that keeps me occupied. There are days it looks great (usually in the summer and in the weekends odd enough) and there are days where my skin looks so dull, pale, dehydrated or it just breaks out a lot. Drama, drama, drama. Thankfully now that I am getting older I’m noticing my skin is starting to get better and better. I alsof finally find a skincare routine that really works for me. These products help my skin out and although every one is different, maybe this helps you too.

As I am getting older I notice my skin really changed. When I was younger my skin used to be very oily, now it is more combination skin, where only my T-zone still is. The rest of my skin is really dry and sensitive actually and it needs to be treated differently.

How I found the right skincare

Not too long ago I experienced a nightmare on my skin: I had a terrible allergic reaction to Laura Mercier cosmetics. Yes, it’s true: those really, really expensive cosmetics that I received as a gift for my birthday turned my skin into a nightmare. The skin that covers my cheekbones turned instant red and was burning up completely. It all started after I used the Laura Mercier Radiance primer. I’m sure for many people this is a great product, unfortunately my skin isn’t handling it very well. It was itchy, it burned like hell and I felt terrible for a while.

So in order to fight it (I’ve suffered from the allergic reaction for weeks) I combined two products to make it go away: Louis Widmer Silver Cream infused with Oils of Life Face Oil that is enriched with plant based oils. It worked miracles on my skin. Not just on the part that really was hurting, but also it had a positive effect on the rest of my complexion.

I use this powercombo at night so it can do it’s magic overnight. I mix the silver cream with 2 or 3 drops of the Body Shop Oils of Life. You don’t need that much. I find that the combination of a cream and oil really soothes my skin. The silver cream is designed to help with redness and irritation for sensitive skin and the Body Shop Oils of Life revitalizes my skin and takes care of the first signs of aging. The oil is a blend of lavender oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil, orange peel oil and other plant based oils. The smell is amazing and it is a calming ritual before I go to bed.

skincare routine

The Body Shop – Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Face Oil 
Origins – Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
Louis Widmer Silver Cream
 Jojoba Oil – De Tuinen

I use the Silver Cream by Louis Widmer often as a daycream, then I just use a very small amount. The oil I only use at night as I feel my skin needs it more.

A very special product and all time favorite of mine is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I’ve said this once before, this product is amazing. I used it the first time at 4 AM when I was ready to go to bed after a night out. I knew my skin was going to be a mess the next day and it seemed like the right time to put this product to the test. So I put on a good amount and went to bed.

Imagine my surprise the next day and seeing my skin is not looking dull but radiant. Not dehydrated but fresh. I was stunned. Sometimes you just find a product that suits you. I’ve tried more Origins products and I really like them. Origins is completely plant based without parabens. I find that plant based skin care, the more natural the better, work really well on my skin. I’ve tried many other brands, but they didn’t work as well for me as these.

I think the secret is in the ingredients. All these products are enriched and have complex formula’s that gives your skin a lot more than just hydration.

The jojoba oil is actually a product I discovered through my mom. She has very sensitive skin and looked for a product that easily removed her make-up without irritating her skin. Since I use a lot of eyeliner, I sometimes have trouble of getting rid of it. It’s not great if you have to rub a lot. But using this Jojoba Oil from de Tuinen takes care of that in just one swipe. Easy does it.

Last but not least is this balm, which is similar to the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Like that product, this helps to smooth over dry areas on your body. I mainly use it as a lipbalm though in the morning and in the evening. Especially now that it’s cold outside, I can’t live without. This product contains a lot of karite butter and has a very velvety texture.


What is your skincare routine? Which products are your holy grail?