My current favorite instagram accounts

I don’t know about you, but I can spent hours and hours on Instagram. I have a not so secret obsession for looking at cat pictures, finding pics of the perfect shoes or discovering a new recipe. There is something new to look for everyday and I love that. Ofcourse I could tell you all about the purr-fect cat Instagram accounts, but let’s not get crazy. Instead I’d like to wow you with accounts you actually should follow. Like right now. Let’s start!

Accounts worth following:

Carin Olsson is my Insta girl crush. What’s her story? Swedish girl moved to Paris to find happiness and still her love for Paris. Her account is like a modern day Cinderella. She is a truly gifted and talented photographer and travel writer. I discovered Carin’s blog Paris in four months first, then I found her dazzling Instagram account. Do you have a crush on Paris? Then this account is surely one to follow. What I love is that Carin is showing off all the beauty of Paris, no matter what season but always with style. She mixes it up by giving great hotspot tips (Carrette is one of her all time lunch spots) and ofcourse great fashion pieces (which I could never ever afford, but hey, a girl can dream).

I recently discovered Paola’s account and I was immediately blown away. She is a fellow citizen from Amsterdam and I am just hoping to ever meet her. Her dishes look so appetising, it’s insane. Not sure if she is a foodstylist, but I would not be surprised if she was. One of the things that make her food Instagram account stand out so much is plating and her use of color in her dishes. It truly inspires me and even though some dishes look complicated to make, it does inspire me to make my own versions in the kitchen. If you’re a foodie, this account you should definitely follow. You won’t regret it. PS: Paola has the cutest cat <3 she often posts pictures of.

<what is done in love is done well // vincent van gogh>

A photo posted by The Pink Diary (@thepinkdiary) on

Maybe there is this neat freak in me that is dying to come out, I’m not sure. But looking at all the pictures on The Pink Diary account always makes me calm and happy. Like there is order. I love to see what combination she is throwing together each and every time. Her feed is clean, organised and a bit romantic. I love it!

I could #nowgogetlost in these streets alllll day. This place is too darn perfect ✨??

A photo posted by By Kristy Lee Brenan ✨? (@nowgogetlost_) on

What if you decide one day to quit your job and just travel the world? Kristy Lee did and I’m guessing she is enjoying every minute of it. Her feed is a like a diary of all her travels, taking her everywhere in the world. You get an instant urge of wanting to travel I can assure you.

Gooey black bean brownies dusted with freeze dried raspberry powder. So yummy!

A photo posted by Danijela Unkovich (@healthyalways) on

It’s almost disturbing how many times a day I think about food (Thankfully I am not overweight or anything though). Danijela posts healthy yet delicious recipes that actually makes me enthusiastic. I am not a breakfast person, but seeing her versions of breakfast bowls makes me want to sit down and eat. Mouthwatering for sure! Also a great account to follow if you want to try out something new yet healthy!

That’s it for now. Who are your Instagram heroes? Who do you recommend following?


  • Wow die brownies. Zo lekker zien die eruit! Die andere foto’s zijn ook indrukwekkend! Zal eens gaan IG’en 😀

    • Nice he? Wat zijn jouw favo IG-accounts?

  • Claudia Verloop

    Ah wat een toffe accounts! Ik vind accounts met mooie sneeuw en bos foto’s heel tof! Liefs

    • Thanks Claudia! Ben wel benieuwd naar de accounts met mooie sneeuw en bos, heb je wat namen?

      • Claudia Verloop

        @altasebvdb @giuliapezzali

        • Claudia Verloop

          Misschien vind je mijn account ook wel wat @claudiaverloop 🙂 Liefs