3 things you can do right now to develop yourself

A new year results in a lot of new goals for most people. But instead of working on a long term goal, why not find ways to develop yourself that help you in the moment? Today I share some of my tips that help you improve yourself!

1. Find a mentor

Find a person you look up to and who you think can teach you a lot about life and career. Not only you have a person to learn from, but you can also turn to this person when you’re in doubt or in need of some advice. No mentor at hand? Realise that there a tons of career girls who face the same issues as you. There a tons of groups online where girls meet-up and organise brainstorm sessions. Or better yet, start your own group of starting career girls and learn from each other.

2. Learn a new skill

They say you are never to old to learn new things. When you’re in your twenties it’s a good thing to learn as much as possible, to absorb like a sponge. This way you learn skills that can set you apart later on and can help you get that job/career you want. You can do this a few ways: either you want to learn new skills because you want to increase your talents, or you want to learn entirely new things that also match with your current job or the career you have in mind. For example: for bloggers it can be useful to learn more about SEO or photography. Or if you are into food you can consider a course in food styling. Or if you are creative and want to become a better designer, why not learn more about Photoshop? In 2015 I took a course in Presenting and this year I would really like to do a follow up course.

If you think a course is too expensive, turn to the internet. Like Sophia Amoruso talks in her book #GirlBoss; you can learn so many things through courses and information online. All it requires is free time and good focus to search for those hidden gems!

3. Change your habits

Most of us tend to have their habits to cling onto. But a new year comes with new opportunities, so why not change it up a bit? For example: if you always work late, then change it up by coming in early on somedays. I always tell people how much I get down before 9 AM. Random fact is that I am not a morning person at all, but I do get a lot of things done before 9 AM then on some other moments. I can enjoy my coffee in peace and be more productive, you should give it a try. Feel tired and slow? Instead of eating lunch at your desk, why not do a lap outside? Now that we are approaching Spring, it’s a good way to change your routine and find something you like.

What are your ways of self improvement?