Essentials every blogger should have

Although bloggers are often being categorised as one group, I think that every blogger is still an individual with her/his own essentials when it comes to blogging. I’ve blogging for a couple of years now and I can surely say I couldn’t blog without these essentials. Want to know what they are? Read on!

A good camera

This is something you need to invest in. You don’t necessary need to splurge and buy the most expensive camera there is, but do your homework instead. Talk to other bloggers or photographers and learn what they look for in a camera and what they like to use.

A mentor

Talk with a blogger or entrepreneur that has been around the blog. He or she can give you great advice and can give you perspective. It’s always good to have an extra set of eyes, especially when you feel like you get stuck. But also it is a great opportunity to learn. Ask away, learn from their mistakes. Bonus: most people like to be included and they love to help out.

Savvy skills

You don’t necessarily have to go all nerd (I certainly haven’t) but you can really do your blog justice if you learn some basic HTML and do your homework when it comes to plugins. They can really upgrade your blog and take it to a higher level. Not just in appearance but also in convenience.


When it comes to the look & feel of your blog you have two choices: you can either design something yourself or let someone else do this. I’m not here to tell you what is best, because for everyone that is different. However you do need vision. What do you want your blog to look like? What do you want people to see? What do you want to emphasize on? Ask yourself these questions when you begin.


I work fulltime as a Content & Community manager whereas I know content as well as planning is key. Why not make a content calendar for your blog? Think ahead about what you want to write about. Think about what the purpose will be? Is it to create awareness for a product you tested? Is it to inspire people? Is it to inform people about an experience? Allow yourself to brainstorm concepts and see where it takes you. Whether you choose a dayplanner or a digital Excel sheet, a planner really helps you to focus and create amazing content!


That’s actually what we all need in time and we’re always short of. However, if you want to build up your blog you’re going to need to take up space from your busy life. Just make sure you are having fun while blogging as well 😉

What are your essentials you just can’t deal without?