7 free fabulous wallpaper to brighten up your screen

I recently discovered something about myself. I like to personalise my things. And I also want to bring a little something of me to the place I spend the most. No, not my bed, I’d say that’s second place. But my work, and to be more specific my laptop. And I’m not kidding you, no matter how hard my day, seeing that pretty wallpaper makes me happy. So I’d like to inspire you with 7 fab designs to pretty up your own desktop!

1) Always ice cream


I start of with my favourite one, which I currently have on my desktop. It reminds me of summer and the colours really make me happy. Download the watercolour ice cream here.

2) Be Fabulous

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 20.32.56

It’s always good to be your very own cheerleader. So why not put it right in front of you, sort of like a daily affirmation? Cause you are fab, no matter what anyone says 😉 Download Be Fabulous here.

3) You’re Killing It


Channel your inner girl boss easily with this wallpaper. Who run the world? That’s right. Download You’re Killing it here. 

4) Wild One

high five 8x10

For those of you who like more of an edgy feel, play around with this wallpaper! Download Wild One here.

5) Il Gatto

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 20.58.22

For all you crazy cat lovers, this wallpaper is really cute. Always stay curious! Download this design here. 

6) December


This wallpaper really made me smile. Isn’t it just so right? Even though december is the busiest month, it is also filled with loads of events. Bring all the fun with this wallpaper, download it here.

7) Flawless

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 21.10.46

Pretty in pink is this wallpaper! I like these minimalistic styles. They don’t take over your entire screen, but they do give you a little piece of happiness. Download Flawless here. 

Which one is your favourite?