3 Celeb beauty brands you need to know about

Celebrity beauty brands or collaborations aren’t a new thing, but some do create more buzz than others. Lately I’vd been really crushing hard for 3 celebrity brands/collabs that are to die for! Let’s talk beauty, shall we?

Ciaté x Olivia Palermo

If you know me well you’d know that Olivia Palermo is my most favourite style icon ever. That girl invented stylish, I swear. Olivia teamed up once again with London beauty brand Ciaté to create a beautiful fall beauty collection to die for. I’ve seen the reviews of the first collection, who were mostly raving about the quality of this collaboration. Seeing her new fall collection is a true eyecatcher and it makes me hungry for more. Like Olivia, all products are elegant, full of colour and look high maintenance (sorry O, but you do look like that too sometimes). Like I said, usually celebs just endorse products and just because it has their name on it, it doesn’t mean it’s great. When it comes to Olivia Palermo, she was quite involved with the development of this collection. And that shows. What does this collection offer you? Olivia’s beauty is usually low key chic, so if you don’t want a too made up face but do want to look elegant, this is your line. The colours are warm and perfect for everyday.

CiatexOlivia1 CiateXOlivia2 CiatexOlivia3

Nuance by Salma Hayek

Ok, so who doesn’t want to look like Salma Hayek? The beautiful Mexican actress has her own beauty and skin care line in the USA which is called Nuance. Salma created the line, using practices from her own grandmother and with ingredients she discovered while abroad. Interesting detail: none of the products in her line (except for the sunscreen) have SPF in them. Salma does not like them cause she feels like that it’s a lot of chemicals that can effect the formula of the cream. The line looks amazing and I would really love to try it. Salma says in her interview with Vogue that she doesn’t rush her morning routine. Her ritual is to look in the mirror to analyse what her skin is really in need for that day. What else makes this celeb beauty brand different? According to Salma she uses a special ingredient: tepezcohuite, which is being used in hospitals for the treatment of burn victims for skin regeneration.

Personally I would really like to try out the CC cream. It supposed to decrease redness and give you sheer coverage.


LipKit by Kylie

You either love her or you hate her, but Kylie Jenner (member of the Kardashian family) knows how to do marketing. Her lips became the talk of the town and so it was only a matter of time until she would come out with her own line. As soon as hit the market, Kylie’s LipKit sold out within the hour. Question remains though, if that due to the actual product or the fact that it came from Kylie. The first images look promising, and looking at her sisters beauty brand (Kardashian Beauty) this might just be more than just a hype. Kylie is a big fan of plumping up her lips with matte shades. Can’t wait to see this swatches in real life!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 20.59.31


What beauty brands are you crushing on?