Shopping @ Sostrene Grene

Yesterday I finally got around to visit the first Sostrene Grene store in Amsterdam. It’s only open a week, but I heard so many good things about it (there is already a store in Groningen for a few years) that I just needed to go there. The store is a mixture of Dille & Kamille and Tiger and it is Danish. Today I share with you my first impression and the things I bought!


The store in located at de Nieuwendijk which is a shopping street in the heart of the city. The store is not huge, but it does contain enough to excite you.

I saw these cute straws and I couldn’t resist these. They are perfect for parties or when I have a friend over for dinner or such. Aren’t they festive?


With social media being such a part of our lives, you nearly forget how easy and fun it is to send someone a personal handwritten card. I really love these cute cards, they did not even cost 1 euro per card. Great to surprise someone with!


With the holidays coming up, I’m stocking up on supplies for when I’m wrapping gifts. The package is the first thing that meets the eye, so why not make it festive? Luckily, Sostrene Grene has so many cute package materials, from bows to boxes to make your gift more special. And it’s all very budget. I got the light blue folding gift boxes for women and black folding gift boxes for men.



How cute is this satin strap? I love these! Not only to get but also to gift someone. I choose this deep red satin strap so I can make a pretty ribbon when I am wrapping my gifts. It’s also a great idea to decorate the table with or anything else you would like to decorate it with. They come in different colours, so there is one for your taste as well.



I saw this plastic bowl that I’d love to use in my kitchen. The flower gives it a feminine touch. I love cooking and I don’t have that many boxes to store leftover food in. I choose a medium size bowl so it fits perfectly in my fridge.

What do you think about Sostrene Grene? Any tips I should get next time?