Daily Delight #1

Time for a new blog series: daily delight! I will share daily a quick tip, favorite product, hotspot or anything else. The inspiration for this series came when I thought about the holidays and my youth. When I was little, my mom used to get me an Advent Calender filled with little chocolates. Underneath the chocolates was a new picture or poem. I used to look forward everyday, to be surprised. I want you to have a daily treat as well. Hope you like it! x


Daily Delight #1 | Currently reading A Temporary Bride


This book really intrigued me, it reminded me of the Persian version of the book Eat Pray Love. This book is a personal memoir of Canadian Jennifer Klinec who quit her job to start a cooking school in London. What I really admire about this woman is that she decides for herself and is not afraid to take risks. In order to expand her knowledge about food she thought about going on a journey abroad. In college Jennifer ate a wonderful Persian meal with lamb, and the flavours always kept wondering in her mind.

So, she decides to go to Iran. By herself. After travelling to Yemen and Syria, Jennifer is able to join a family to learn the secrets of the cuisine. The son of the family is however, not very keen of having this strange woman in his mother’s kitchen. However in time, there’s a romantic tension hanging in between Vahid and Jennifer.



I am truly fascinated to read about the Middle-East and the culture. Jennifer is able to step into another world and through her book she lets us be a part of it.

If you are interested in food and culture’s, this book is a good read šŸ™‚



What are you currently reading?