My top 8 favourite spots in Lisbon

Where to eat, visit and shop in Lisbon? I’d love to tell you all about my favourite places that this great city has to offer you!

1. Pastelaria
Every street in Lisbon has at least three pastelaria shops, where you can eat baked goods. The pastel de nata (or pastel de Belém), a small egg-tart pastry is very typical in Lisbon and should really be tasted! It was so good, I used to buy this every morning and eat it while sitting in the sun.


2. Em Alta Na Baixa
Want a quiet and cosy dinner with really good food? This restaurant makes your evening perfect. The staff is also very friendly and likes to help you to recommend the best dishes. I ate a great salmon with grilled vegetables and enjoyed a lovely glass of good wine. Definitely a winner!
Rua Sao Nicolau, n22

3. To Burger Or Not To Burger
Omg, I loved this place. The restaurant is in the area of Chiado, which is really hip & happening. Like the name of the restaurant you can get great burgers here, but they also have really good salads for lunch. The waitress was very kind and recommended me their homemade Icetea, which was spot on!
Rua Capelo 24


4. Belezura
In between all the eating, which I did a lot, I also wanted to experience the local beauty scene. My hands were in desperate need of a good manicure, so I went into the little streets of Chiado and I found this charming little beauty salon. A manicure abroad is a lot cheaper than here in Amsterdam, I got mine for just 5 euro. Truth be told, it wasn’t the most amazing manicure I ever had, but for that price it was good enough and my hands were looking a lot better after. The girl that helped me was very nice.
Belezura Centro Estética, R.Garret 10, Chiado

5. Pharmacia

Unlike what you would expect, Pharmacia is a museum and has a great restaurant. Here you can eat quality Portugese food, with high quality ingredients. I loved their dishes! My fave are Bacalhau (Portugese fish dish) and Scallops in white wine sauce with fresh pasta. I went here to times and dined outside on the terrace. An extra benefit is the breathtaking view over the bay, beautiful!

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 17.51.55

6. Pois Cafe

I stopped to get a coffee in Pois Cafe. After walking for hours, my feet needed some rest. The cafe is really charming, and feels as if you are in someone’s living room. For children there are toys, and for adults there are all kinds of books in different languages.
R. de São João da Praça 93-95

7. Mercado da Ribeira


If you’re a foodie like me, than this is the place to be. I had to hold myself back not to come here everyday, because there are so many delicious meals and treats! They have everything catering your needs: from sweet to savoury and from breakfast to dessert. Besides the Portugese cuisine, you can also eat Asian and French. The choice is yours!
Mercado da Riberia – Av. 24 de Julho 50, Portugal

8. Belem
Be prepared to be amazed! The tower of Belem is a must-see! It’s close to the river and the tropical garden. Keep your camera ready!



Did you ever visit Lisbon? And what are your personal tips?

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