My Fall Beauty Essentials

There are not many things I would say that truly define me. However when it comes to beauty products I’m all about that. It’s funny how family, friends and co-workers always know where to find me when it comes to beauty. So why don’t share my fall favourites with you guys? Fall has always been my favourite season when it comes to beauty. Because you can play with your look and give it more depth, rather than the Summer (let’s face it; it’s way too hot then, all you need is sunscreen anyway). Autumn leaves much room for darker lips, playing up your beautiful eyes and taking good care of your hair. 


Recently I bought MAC Faux and I am truly in love. The shade does look a little dark on the picture, but don’t be fooled, it’s actually a quite nude shade with a warm undertone. A good lipstick that stays on is in my experience quite a challenge. But with MAC cosmetics I have a good relationship for years, their products usually rarely disappoint me. This shade has been a hype among beautylovers for quite a while and I can truly understand why. The color is great for everyday but makes your lips stand out in a perfect natural way. The formula glides on nicely and stays put. I hope I don’t run out soon.



For my birthday I received quite a lot of gift cards. With the holiday season approaching, lots of brands are coming out with their Fall and party collections. One of my favourites this year is the new Fall collection by Chanel. This blush stole my heart, it’s 260 Alezane and it’s a warm undertone blush with a golden shimmer. Very subtle and chic. I don’t have that many Chanel products, but this is truly something spectacular.


When I was younger I wasn’t really into hair products. I just always let it be, but later on I realised that your hair also needs attention. My hair is long and naturally curly. If I don’t use products it can be a little more frizzy. The Body Shop Polynesian Radiance Oil is enriched with coconut oil & tiare flower scent. You can use it for your body and for your hair. I love to use this for my hair as a mask or in the ends to give it extra care and moisturise it. It gives your hair a beautiful shine and the smell is amazing. It’s part of the Secrets of The World Collection. And don’t we all want luscious hair?


Staying on the subject of hair, H&M has renewed it’s beauty department. I spotted the new products while I was in Lisbon and I had to truly contain myself not to go shopping like crazy. I was really curious to try out their cream for curls. It should make your curls structured without being frizzy. You have to apply it to damp here and let your curls dry naturally. I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It is a very lightweight formula and I have the idea (can’t scientifically prove it though) that it makes my curls more defined. Also this product has a great smell and I always think that is a big benefit when it comes to products.


I may be a beauty lover there are products that I have trouble connecting with. One of those products is bodylotion. I always forget to put it on and don’t really feel like I need as much. For my birthday my family gifted me the Hugo Boss Ma Vie bodylotion, the same like their Ma Vie fragrance. Because I love that perfume so much, I apply it almost every single day now. It’s feminine, it’s chic and it makes you stand out.

I also restocked The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne again. This perfume is more subtle and very feminine at the same time. I feel that the fragrance relaxes me, no wonder though cause the fragrance contains Japanese green tea extracts and anti oxidants. Feeling good on the inside and outside.

Which are your favorite products at the moment? What do you recommend to try out? 

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