Travel: my first time AirBnB

So remember I posted about my Summer plans? Well they slightly changed. I was planning to go to Mallorca, but instead I’m going to Lisbon! For the first time I’m going to be rent via AirBnB, I am so excited. Yet I’m also a bit nervous. What can I expect?

Before I came to this decision, I thought a lot about it. For various reasons Mallorca didn’t fit in anymore and I started thinking about where else I wanted to go. Surprisingly my room mate as well as other people suggested I should go and see Lisbon. After doing some research I fell in love with the city. It seems so idyllic and authentic. And as a foodie, how can I resist right?

Last year I stayed by myself in a hotel. It was nice, but I felt I was missing out on the true experience. This time I thought of something different, I wanted to stay in more local. So I booked myself an appartment via AirBnB. The apartment can be rented for two, but it looked so cute and tiny I decided it’s perfect for me too. It’s more room than I have here in Amsterdam, which I find kind of funny. My host is incredibly friendly and she gave me great tips right away.

I’m really looking forward to visit Pharmacia, which is a really cool restaurant, the decor is inspired by old pharmacies. Lisbon also has their own version of Amsterdam’s Foodhallen: Mercado da Ribeira. Here you can find fresh foods as well as flowers.

So after some thought, I decided to jump right in! But I’m wondering: what are your experiences with AirBnB? And where did you stay?