How to easily upgrade your look

Need some ideas to upgrade your look? I can spent hours and hours on Pinterest, but unfortunately I don’t have the budget to get myself a new wardrobe every week. However I did learned some tricks to upgrade my outfits, make them look more expensive and sophisticated all at the same time.

Invest in accessories

I love jewellery, I always have. It makes you look feminine and it certainly compliments your look. But often I bought loads for a cheap prize, but they did not last very long. Either they broke, or discoloured or got lost. Waste of money and resources. In the past years I found a better way. I invest in more expensive pieces that last longer, yet are more expensive. But I tend to be smart about it and buy those pieces on sale or with a good discount. Sample sales are your best friend in these situations. This way you can buy something you will love wearing and will last and last.


Tailer made

I’m quite petite, especially for Dutch standards, where everyone is quite tall. This concept isn’t so new to me. But it can also be very helpful for you. Having your clothes examined by a tailor or a sewer can really change your outfit. Even my style icon Olivia Palermo swears by it. She says that way the clothes will fit you perfectly and honestly, I couldn’t agree more. And don’t worry about the costs, there are many tailors who can help you for a good prize.


Go Vintage

Looking for something special to add to your look? See if you can wear a piece from your best friend or borrow a vintage classic from your Mom. The great thing is that you can try out a new look without taking too much risk. An easy way to experiment and to mix other pieces with your own. Be sure to treat your friends with the same courtesy, it should be fun!


Get creative

There are so many awesome tutorials to find on so many blogs. Whether it is for jewellery, clothes or accessories, there is so much to find. Need some inspiration? Check out my friend’s blog! She collects all kinds of DIY’s to try out.


What are your personal style tips to upgrade your look?