Blog series | Fall Trends: Clothing

I’m just days away from going on my ”Summer” vacation, yet Summer is almost coming to an end 🙁 I’m sure we are all going to miss it. But for fall there is also a lot to look forward to. So in order to get everyone a little more excited I felt it might be a good idea to start a new series; fall trends in different categories, selected by my choice and personal style. I will cover clothing, accessories, hair & beauty for fall. First up is fall clothing trends!





Personally I don’t wear too many black. However it is a classic colour, I feel like wearing more bright colours are working better for me. But ofcourse this all depends on your style and taste. A poncho is great for fall, especially with a great pattern like plaid or Aztec. Suede is a very big trend that is here to stay. It’s very comfortabel and chic.



Marsala is a huge trend right now. From designers to highstreet brands, the colour is everywhere. Fortunately it suits so many people and the warm tone looks good on just about anybody. I personally really like this colour. You can also go for a full on red, if you want it to be brighter. Marsala is great to be combined with black or grey.



Looking for a killer combination? Electric blue and black leather are a great match. You can play with different colours as well as mixing up materials for a more complex look.

What fall trend are you excited about?