My summer plans

Today wasn’t the best day. These things happen. My bike (yes, I live in Amsterdam aka bike city) broke down halfway on my way home. And today – of all days – I forgot my wallet, so I could not take the tram back home. So there was one option left; walking home (in high heels, ugh) in the pouring rain. I guess we did not get the memo here that it should be Summer. Anyway, I was walking home I tried to think of happier things, like my upcoming vacation! Oh yes, only a little over three weeks left! What are my plans?

Viva Valencia!

Yes, I’m going back! I can’t wait 🙂 Last year I went solo trippin’ to Valencia and I loved it. I promised myself to come back soon. This time I am visiting my friend C. who went to Valencia for her traineeship. Not only am I so happy to see her again after months, I’m also looking forward to enjoy the Spanish way of living, the great food, the weather and the great culture. And it would be so much fun go back into the city with my dear friend. I’m curious to see what kind of adventures we will run into and the people we might meet. I love meeting new people, especially on holiday. I also want to hit the beach, Valencia has a great beach and I did not visit enough of it last year. Do over, for sure.



From Valencia to Verona!

After the adventures in Valencia, I’m coming back home to celebrate my birthday. After spending some time at home I go on another trip this year and I choose Verona. I always loved Italy and it is supposed to be beautiful and charming. I am excited to visit the house of Romeo and Juliet, to stroll through the small streets, to eat gelato and to enjoy Italy to the fullest.


Have you guys been to one of these cities before? Do you have any tips?

And what are your plans for this Summer?