The art of decorating

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older (I’m turning 27 in two months), but I find myself reminiscing more and more about getting my own place. An apartment or house all to myself. Unfortunately I’m not rich enough yet to buy one, so right know I’m living with roommates. It’s cosy, but mutual. Anyway, I keep dreaming about my own place and especially on how I would decorate it! 

Interior design has always had my interest since I was little. After finishing high school, I seriously considered to be an interior designer, but eventually I choose another career. Lately I’m dreaming of decorating my own place and style it just the way I want it.

Mix ’n match
I like neutral and light colors. Right now my walls are white, but I always had a thing for pastel. Soft tones to brighten up the room a little bit. I’m not one to paint my walls in dark colors, because I would feel like the room would get smaller. Right now I’m really into minty green combined with white. It’s fresh yet neutral.



It’s all in the details
I’m not Arabic or anything, but I really like the Middle East type of pottery. I very much like detail, it makes a room very interesting. Ofcourse it’s insane to buy a rug that costs thousands of euros (unless you’re a millionaire but still) but I would not buy everything I own at Ikea (even though I adore our Swedish friends).


Tip: I really like fair trade stores. Often you can buy really interesting pieces for a reasonable price that can make your place really stand out. What I also like about it and makes it very important to me, is that the things you buy there are often made by someone in a third world country who you are helping through purchasing this. It’s small, but still you’re giving something back into the world.

Some tips for my Dutch readers: kijk bij winkels als WAAR en de Wereld Winkel. Je kunt hier ook ontzettend leuke cadeaus scoren, waarvan je zeker weet dat ze origineel en bijzonder zijn. Leuk om te krijgen en nog leuker om te geven!  

Collect items from your travels
My parents, especially my Dad travel much. He traveled all over the world and surprised me with amazing pieces that he got back from his trip. One of the things that is very dear to me is this tiny bowl from Namibia, Africa. It is truly gorgeous and I use it as a special place on my nightstand to collect my jewellery that I just wore. I reach for it every single day and it always makes me smile.
No matter where you go, even if it is to a town you’ve never been before, you can always get something that will make your interior stand out. And the best part: it does not have to cost a fortune.


Create sanctuary spaces within your home
Every home needs a sanctuary place. A little corner that makes you instantly happy. For me that is my dressing table which I got from Ikea. The only thing missing on it is fresh flowers every week, but you know, these things can be managed 🙂 For you it maybe a cosy chair or your favorite table, whatever it is, try to find your happiest place.


Original picture frames
Why use ordinary picture frames, when you can have so much fun playing with different textures and sizes? For my ideal home, I would mix and match different type of frames together or use one unusual type of frame to hang important items. Whether it is a quote or a beautiful picture, if it means something to you it deserves to be framed.


So these are my interior philosophies. I’m curious to know what your ideal home looks like! Do you have any wishes, ideas or dreams? Please share them 🙂



All pictures are from Pinterest – except the jewellery bowl, that’s mine.