Summer Essentials

This week is finally heating up. Literally actually here, in The Netherlands the temperature is  getting better and better. I still have a long way to go to fit perfectly in my bikini. So this week  after my sickness I am getting back on the ‘Death by Kayla’-cycle. In the meanwhile I discovered some new favorites who are perfect for Summer. Allow me to share these with you!

  • I don’t read that many magazines anymore, but I still enjoy Marie Claire. They have everything that interest me; work/career advice, beauty, fashion and intriguing reports on women over the whole world.
  • I always turn to special suncream especially for my face. Normal suncream gives me the worst breakouts on my face (usually because it is too greasy and it clogs pores) but thankfully lots of brand develop sun protection that is suited for your face. I use Lancaster for many years now and I bought this baby Lancaster Sun Beauty on discount. It’s SPF 30 which is decent for your face, but I suspect it also makes me more tan easily. And the fragrance is also great!
  • The Body Shop celebrates Summer with their Virgin Mojito products based on lime and mint. Just the packaging alone makes me happy. I already tried their Body Splash which is very refreshing and moisturising on the skin.
  • I just started on my second bottle of Bioderma. I love micellair water, it really does wonders for my skin. Budget tip is Garnier, if you are in France and have a little more to spend, go out and buy Bioderma. It is the best, you won’t be disappointed. You can buy it in French Pharmacies.


My new addiction is Lipton’s Pure Leaf. This brew Ice Tea is more natural than normal Ice Tea/Green tea. I used to drink original Japanese Green Tea and I was impressed by how much this drink resembles the original flavour. They come in two editions: with lemon or with mint.

What are your Summer Essentials?