Recipe: Zucchini pasta pesto

I am not obsessed with clean eating, however I do think it is a good idea to try new things and eat healthy. Today I share with you one of my favourite recipes that is easy to make, vegetarian and also healthy.

Late workday, quick lunch or healthy snack, this ”skinny” version of a pasta pesto always fits the occasion. I personally also like to add some shrimps sometimes to give it an extra bite. Of course there are so many variations of this pasta. But with a few ingredients and good tools it is very easy to make.

What do you need (1-2 persons):
– 1 whole zucchini
– basil pesto or home made pesto
– Feta cheese
– Fresh tomatoes (1-2 Roma tomatoes or a basket of cherry tomatoes)
– Olive oil
– Optional: pine nuts, shrimps or tuna in a can



I used my Gefu spirelli slicer (also available on Amazon) to easily slice the zucchini. Please keep in mind that once you cook your zucchini, the volume decreases. So don’t be to modest. I used the whole zucchini for this recipe. Once you sliced your zucchini and chopped your tomatoes and feta you can start cooking your zucchini. Keep in mind that you still want the ‘pasta’ to be crispy, so it has a good bite. I only heated it up for 5-7 minutes on the stove. That is all it took.


Add a good spoon of basil pesto and mix it. Add the feta, tomatoes and pine nuts. You can add some extra olive oil if you like.



Buon appetito!