Packing like a pro!

For those of you who are going on holiday soon, this blog post is for you guys. The inspiration for this post came up through my roommate. She was leaving for vacation and could not fit anything in her suitcase. When I took a look, I found out she literately stacked everything on top of each other like it was a sandwich. With her permission I re-packed her entire suitcase and what do you know: it all fits! I’m sure all of you are girls (or guys) who run the world, but maybe these tips can benefit you. Or not, but that’s up to you. Let’s roll!

Preparation is key
When I plan for a trip or vacation I not only make a list, but I also plan outfits before. This may seem a little boring but it saves you a lot of time and space. You end up taking less stuff, trust me. It’s way more effective than just randomly putting things in your suitcase.

It’s all about the layers
Not sure what the weather is going to be like? By layering your outfits you can make the most of it. So you can wear a top with a jacket over it, and when it gets too hot, you can loose the jacket. I also love layering because you can play around with textures and fabrics. Combine silk with leather, or cotton with lace, you can play around all you want.

Roll your clothes
Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. Not only you avoid wrinkles, it saves up space. Like I said in the intro, my roommate stacked all her clothes, leaving her no room for other things. I rolled her clothes, that I was able to create space.

Start with your beach towel
Handy tip I learned from my mom: when you start packing, lay down your beach towel in your suitcase first. Don’t leave it folded, but spread it across the suitcase. You will have the towel hanging over the sides of your suitcase, but that’s fine, it’s meant to be. Why? Once you put everything in there. You fold the sides on top en you have a well organised suitcase with a cover on top of it.

Get to know your suitcase
This may be logical, but still. Your suitcase usually has all kinds of pockets. Use them. Often people forget this extra space. I usually put my chargers from my phone, laptop and camera in there, as well as socks or magazines. Important pieces you should always keep in your hand luggage.

Make the pieces fit
A lot of stuff you can fit together. Bra’s you can stack together and you can also store small items in your shoes.

Hope these tips are helpful! What are your packing tips?


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