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Time is flying by fast! I can’t believe it’s nearly August and it kind of makes me a little sad, because I want this Summer to last and last. In the mean time I took some time off work for vacation, went to dinner and treated myself to some great gifts!

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I still keep experimenting in the kitchen, creating home cooked meals based on recipes. I love finding new recipes, so I spend hours and hours on Pinterest or blogs to find new ones šŸ™‚ Have you seen the new fragrances from The Body Shop yet, there are 5 of them! They have just released a new scent, called Italian Fig. It’s filled with the scent of fresh figs, Tuscan roses and fresh amber. Best part: it’s luxury for a good price and always Fair Trade!

Yesterday I went to a LOTT. Gioielli sample sale, where I got some beautiful pieces for a good price. I love this jewellery brand, they make really elegant jewellery with a classic touch.

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