Summer bucket list

Summer is finally here and it gets me excited! Though we all get stoked by the idea of going on a holiday, there are also a lot of activities and events going on here that I’m enthusiastic about. Today I’d like to share with you my summer bucket list. Love to know what you are planning this Summer. Let the fun begin!


Have dinner or drinks by the water
Having dinner with a view or in this case a soothing location is always a good idea. There are many pretty sights, like having dinner near the canals or a like or better yet, at sea. Bonus points if you try out a new place. Next on my list in Amsterdam is de Waterkant.

Crash a party
This may sound a little over the top, but what I mean is to be a little more spontaneous. When a friend goes to a party, why not join them? Even when you don’t really know much people there it could be a really fun way to meet new people. I’m planning to do this more often. You can never know too many people right?

Do something you have never done before
This could really be anything, big or small. I recently discovered an event that’s been organised called Rooftop Movie Nights. The concept is pretty self explanatory, but how much fun would it be? I’m thinking it could be great to go with friends or on date night.

Make something you never have before
Same idea, different execution though. Last night I made zucchini pasta for the first time with my new Spirelli slicer. Wonderfull piece to have in your kitchen, I could talk about this for hours but that is not my point. Hahaha. Point is: I tried something new, and the dish turned out wonderful. Not only was I content with myself that I tried something new, I was also happy that it tasted so good (but that was a side benefit). Next up? I want to learn to make a good cocktail. I just got a cocktail set as a gift, and I want to entertain friends with a nice home made drink. 

Visit the beach
The beach is always good idea!

Death by Kayla
Right now I’m trying out the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. It’s tough, but challenging. I hope it gets me far!

Plan my vacation
I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even sat down for a proper time to plan my vacation. Scandalous, I know. Right now I have my sights set on Mallorca. I don’t have that many demands, just sun and a nice pool or beach and great restaurants. Do you have tips? Please share them, I’d love to know what spots you like!



What are your plans this Summer? What does you Summer Bucket List look like? I’d love to know!