My favourite foodie blogs

Once upon a time, there was a period that I hated cooking. I felt worthless in the kitchen. I knew how to boil an egg but that was about it. Later on when I moved out and lived by myself I understood that the key to good that was also a bit healthy is to cook it yourself. I’m still not a great cook, but I learned how to appreciate it and learn from it. And how it can be so inspiring. Today I share with you some of my inspirations, hopefully it makes you just as excited to go to the kitchen. 

What Katie Ate

This lady I discovered years ago, when I stumbled on her blog. She is a photographer, she writes cookbooks and she has also a great foodblog. She has many great recipes you can check out on her blog, but I like her baking recipes the best. How about these amazing Raspberry Nutella Cakes?

Oh MyFoodness
This is actually a Dutch foodblog, but don’t let that stop you, just hit that Google Translate button on Chrome and you will be fine. Sabine is very talented and I like her vision on food: it is here to enjoy it, not to analyse it and make it too complicated. Healthy food is allright and ofcourse good for you, but I don’t like how some people go health crazy. I could never say no to pasta. Anyway she creates great recipes that are simple and very delicious.

Ok, so this is not actually a blog, but more a channel on YouTube about food. Frances makes really tasteful dishes and sweetness without making it being to difficult. I also like that she gives extra tips about cooking, like how to slices a mango perfectly or how to create that create dip to compliment your dish. The channel is in Dutch, but I still recommend for you to check it out!




So these are mine. But I am always on the hunt for more cooking inspiration. What or who do you get your cooking inspiration from? Please share this below, I’d love to know!