The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea



The Body Shop takes us on a journey to Japan! The new Fuji Green Tea collection contains the green tea leaves that make us feel healthy inside and out. The green leaves are Community Fair Trade and handpicked in the Mount Fuji region in Japan.
Today I show you more about this interesting collection!


A modern day Tea Ceremony for your body
Did you know Japanese women not only drink green tea, but they also apply it to their skin or bath in it? We all know the health benefits green tea has, but I had no idea that green tea was such a part of a cultural experience. Japanese women do this for centuries, cause it helps them to moisturize and to improve their skin.

The Body Shop took this knowledge incorporated this knowledge in their new Fuji Green Tea Line. The line contains a body butter, body lotion, body scrub, exfoliating soap, eau de cologne and even a Detox Bath with a bath infuser.  I like how they choose to renew their collection and offer us items that you don’t expect.


What stands out in this collection is the scent and the green tea leaves. The scent is build by three fragrances: Bergamot, Green Tea and White Flowers. All together it makes the scent very fresh, exciting and a little sweet and sensual. Perfect for Spring!


These are my favorite products: the Eau de Cologne and the Body Lotion. The Eau de Cologne is fragrance with much depth, due to the many ingredients such as: green tea, bergamot, lemon, camelia, jasmin and violets. It’s not a heavy scent, but light and fresh, which again makes it perfect for Spring and Summer.

The body butter is very rich and creamy. But the Bodylotion is equally pleasant. Difference is a much lighter texture, it is easily absorbed by the skin and it moisturizes.
The Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne is €19 and the Bodylotion is €10. The Body Butter (200 ml) is €16.



I’m not the biggest fan of scrub. I usually only use this product during the Summer time, when I want my skin to be as smooth as possible and to get my tan to stick. However, this body scrub is very mild. If you’re looking for a full exfoliating scrub, then this isn’t your product. But if you want a gentle exfoliating scrub like I prefer, this one will do the job! I tried it and what I like about it is that afterwards, your skin doesn’t feel like sand. It doesn’t dry out your skin, but has a gentle moisturiser. Also nice fact: the whole range, including this product has a cooling effect. Perfect for in the Summer. The Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub is €18.

The new The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Range is available in stores from 31st of March. You can also order online, Dutchies can order here.

What are your thoughts about it?