Back again

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New year. New start. Also with the blog. It’s been quiet for a while, but once a blogger always a blogger. I cannot abandon creativity, even if I wanted too. What can I say? I kept missing it. What I want this year? Is to have a place where I can put out my creativity. As often as possible. My life has been a bit busier these day with a fulltime job. But that doesn’t mean I forgot all about blogging.

Is it too late for New Years resolutions? Guess I will give it a shot anyway, so here are mine:

1) Experiment more in the kitchen. I will never be a Masterchef, but last year I tried cooking more dishes and trying out more recipes and I liked it 🙂

2) Plan more exciting small (day) trips. Just because it is always nice to explore something new. Who knows where it takes you right?

3) Not abandon blogging. Yeah, I know, don’t say it… But never say never right?

4) Work out more. I still think it’s a total bore, but maybe I just will get inspired reading Fitgirlcode.

5) Learn more. In every possible way! Whether it’s a new book, a course or any other lesson. You can never learn enough.

What are your new years resolutions?